Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Join the European Day of Parks at Oulanka!

European Day of Parks is celebrated in Oulanka on Sunday 22.5.2011.

  • At 12.00-12.45 biologist Anne Jäkäläniemi explains about the influences of flooding in Oulanka area
  • Karhunkierros and sceneries in Oulanka at year 1969; video show
  • Materials from the forest; introduction at Aisti (Sences) corner
  • Forest Quiz for the whole family (in Finnish)
  • Activities for kids
  • Build your own birdhouse (8 e/birdhouse)
Coffee served at Safaricafe Susi. Welcome! No entrance fee.

More information: Oulanka Visitor Centre, tel. +358 (0)205 64 6850
European day of Parks >>

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