Monday, January 30, 2012

Aurora Borealis on our night skies!

We've lately seen some incredible Aurora Borealis on our nights skies in Ruka and Kuusamo area. Here are some tips for catching your own show:
  • Northern Lights are active mostly during 10 pm and 2 am. 
  • Clear skies makes it easier to see the Northern Lights. 
  • Surrounding lights (street lights etc) make it difficult to see this phenomenon, so try to move to such location that does not have any extra light. 
If Ruka slopes are illuminated during the night due to snow making, try to go a bit further away from the lights. For instrance Myllykoski along Pieni Karhunkierros trail is a great location with a fireplace. Riisitunturi is another great location, and a bit higher, allowing you to see to all directions.

These pictures are taken right next to Ruka Ski Resort on Monday Jan 30th after 9 pm, no illumination on the slopes.

Videos below will show you the dance of the Northern Lights, too!

24.1.2012 Auroras. from Pekka Kokko on Vimeo.
Whole night video from Finnish sky. Captured by Minolta Dimage Z1, each photo ISO200, f 2.8, 15s. First clue of auroras in video time 00.30 and 01.05 they seems to vanish. 01.52 comes a total boom! Sky full of bright auroras! 02.40 clouds covers the sky, but in 03.00 sky is clear again. And in the end there is morning 25.1. You can see aeroplanes, satellites and shooting stars flying in the video. Totally allmost 3000 photos in timelapse.


  1. Thank you for sharing the dancing aurora

  2. I will visit Kuusamo for the raindeer sledge, ice fishing, bear watching and most of all the aurora! thank you again. it like paradise!