Thursday, May 24, 2012

Catch & Release competition on Kuusamo rivers, summer 2012

Local fisher's shops Kuusamon Tärppi Oy and Tapio Ojala tmi together with Vision challenge fishers on  to release large trouts on Kuusamo rivers; Kuusinki, Kitka and Oulanka.

Largest trout: Vision Renfors trout reel (329 e).
The catchers of three next biggest fish will receive a Vision product of their choice, value 100 e each.
In addition: raffle for all participant for 200 euro gift card to Kuusamon Tärppi.

You can join with any fishing gear allowed on the rivers mentioned above.

Last summer 18 trouts were signed to this competition - lets douple this!

Rules: Fish must be photographed, measured (length) and witnessed (at least one witness). The date and location of the catch must be signed too. Photographing and measuring should be done quickly to avoid hurting the fish. Details must be signed into the competition within one week from the catch: The latest date for participation is 15.9.2012. Winners will be published 22.9.2012

The aim of this competition is to make catch & release fishing more familiar in Finland and help the recovery of our local rivers - still allowing fishing to continue. Catching smaller fish for dinner (within the local and national fishing rules) is totally ok. Joining this CR competition is absolutely voluntary. When joining, please make sure you pay emphasis on quick release of the fish!

WBR, Tapio Ojala, Ilkka Puumala and Visionin staff

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