Saturday, November 10, 2012

Ruka observation tower is named Tykky

Ruka Village announces the winner of the observation tower naming contest.

The observation tower, built by the city of Kuusamo at the heart of Ruka Village, was named during the season's opening ceremonies. It was given the name Tykky.

The open naming contest received over 1500 entries. Following thorough discussion, the Board of Directors of Ruka Village decided on a name that is short, mighty, and that describes a local phenomenon. The winning entry was submitted by Juhani Honkamäki and Sampo Kangastalo. Both will receive a ski holiday package for two that includes two nights of accommodation, ski rentals, lift tickets, and a gift voucher for Rukapalvelu Tailored Adventures.

A similar ski holiday package was raffled among all entries. The winner is Teemu Rahikka. Ruka Village has been in touch with the winners.

Crown snow-load

Crown snow-load is snow and hard rime accumulating on tree crowns and structures in a cold climate. Hard rime is formed when droplets of fog or low level cloud freezes to the windward side of tree branches, buildings, or any other solid objects, usually with high wind velocities and air temperatures between -2 °C (28 °F) and -8 °C (18 °F). Especially when a warm front brings wet snow, the surface of the tree is colder than the snowflakes, and the latter attach to the tree crown.

 In Scandinavia, largest snow-loads accumulate to the trees on top of medium-sized fells. The larger fells and mountains have no trees, and the tops of lowest fells do not reach the cloud bases so often. Also the wind speeds are largest on fell tops. One spruce in Northern Finland can collect 3-4 tonnes of snow. When the crown is loaded with snow, a storm can easily damage the trees.

Ruka observation tower Tykky

Ruka observation tower Tykky and its stage

Ruka observation tower Tykky in the heart of Ruka village

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