Sunday, February 10, 2013

New ski route at Kivilampi

Lots of ski route foundation work has been done in Ruka area to allow year-round use of the routes and early opening of the ski routes after the first snowfalls. One of the renovated sections goes from Talvijärvi past Kalliolampi to Rukariutta and Pirunkirkko area (crossroads of Rukatunturintie and Rukajärventie). Renovation has been carried on towards Pyhävaara to allow access to the new Kivilampi route. The route was built during summer and autumn 2012. This ring route is 1,9 km long. You can find the route in the latest version of ski route map and will be added to our ski route maintenance service as soon as possible. The maintenance of this route is done along the maintenance of Pyhävaara route, so you can check Pyhävaara route maintenance situation for reference.

Route can also be accessed by car, parking at Kivilampi area. There's a 300 meter long connection route from parking lot to Kivilampi route.

I checked this route out on a sunny February Saturday on 9.2.2013. Route was maintened on 7.2.2013. There was a thin snow layer on top of the track, but skiing was still enjoyable. The Kivilampi route begins along Pyhävaara route a bit after the tunnel that goes under Rukariutta road.

Rukariutta tunnel, used by skiers and snowmobile riders alike

The beginning of Kivilampi route, official route signs will be added during summer 2013
Pyhävaara ski route continues on the left side of the crossroads

The first 400 meters of the route is two-way

The beginning of the ring route section; direction of skiing is counter-clockwise

One-way section gives lots of space for skating style skiers

Access from Aitalampi cottage area to Kivilampi route
The only downhill section of the route, a tight turn ahead...

...although it turned out to be a crossroads, Kivilampi route carrying on to the left,
connection to the parking lot on the right

Personally I did not realise this in time and carried straight on, but it did'nt matter since I wanted to check out the parking lot.  Hopefully the maintenance machine takes this into account later and makes a continuous track turning left.

Parking lot for people accessing the Kivilampi route by car.

Signs are already up at Kivilampi parking lot.
Arriving by car, this is what Kivilampi route entrance looks like.

Kivilampi route is available for walkers and bikes during summer.
I then returned back to the previous crossroads and carried on along the ring route.

Arriving to Kivilampi pond.

A campfire place will be finalised near the pond on a bit higher ground
during summer 2013.

Scenery towards Kivilampi
The only uphill section of the route, starting from Kivilampi pond.
Halfway up.

Looking back from the previous spot.
Sceneries along Kivilampi pond towards Ruka Ski Resort.
Kivilampi route will be finalised during summer 2013 by adding the final layer on top of the route, setting signs and building the fireplace next to Kivilampi pond. Families with children have hoped for an easy access route available for strollers and with a short walking distance from parking lot. Although Kivilampi route itself is rather short, it gives a nice alternative to other Ruka area routes when combined with Talvijärvi route or Ruka round route from Ruka village via crossroads of Rukatunturintie and Rukajärventie roads. 

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Author: Sari Kumpuniemi/Ruka-Kuusamo Tourist Association

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