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Nightless Night & Northern Lights of Lapland

Finnish Lapland and Northern Finland embrace visitors with a no ordinary midnight: More hours for exotic activities and slowdown in Europe’s last wilderness

Finnish Lapland and Northern Finland are well-known for their northern lights during winter and as a home of Santa Claus. In addition to that summertime in Lapland offers something that is only found in Finland – the nightless night - meaning 300 hours more daylight than in southern Europe. This means more active hours to hike, mountain bike, horseback ride, fish or whatever visitors feel like to do in incredible nature of Lapland.  All of this can be experienced with the help of modern infrastructure including 6 airports and a wide range of tourist services.

Northern Lights in Lapland

The nightless night, when the sun doesn’t set at all in Finnish Lapland and Northern Finland, is unforgettable. The magical light around the clock is amazing. This natural phenomenon is due to the Earth’s axis being tilted in respect to its orbit around the Sun. This phenomenon only occurs at south of the Antarctic Circle and north of the Arctic Circle. In Lapland the duration of the Midnight Sun gets longer the closer you get to the Arctic Circle. If visitors travel as far north as Utsjoki, the sun stays above the horizon from mid-May to mid-July – two whole months. At the same time the Europe’s last wilderness offers a wide range of exotic services. “Hike in the fresh air of a bright summer evening, golf throughout the night, fish in the world’s most natural fishing spots and finish a perfect day in a relaxing sauna. Rafting is available to visitors who want to go extreme”, says Hanna-Mari Talvensaari, the Marketing Director for the Lapland – the North of Finland campaign.

Nightless Night in Lapland

Finnish Lapland and the Northern Finland is a real land of contrasts. Europe’s last wilderness offers tourists genuine experiences that are rare in hectic everyday life: Space, Peace, Silence and Time. Visitors are able to relax and enjoy the fresh air and pure nature around. During the summertime, nature has time to grow its buds, blossom and then wither into its magnificent vibrant colours. For busy people and nature lovers Finnish Lapland offers a chance for downshifting with an untouched nature.

Summer gets a whole new meaning in Lapland and Northern Finland.  “There are so many things that can be experienced in 24/7. For example Levi, Saariselkä, Salla and Ruka-Kuusamo offers unique experiences for travelers also in summertime“, says Talvensaari. “The attraction of Finnish Lapland is the wilderness that makes every other place feel ordinary.”

The midnight sun will shine in Amsterdam in March
Dutch people are able to taste the midnight sun in Amsterdam awhile. “The No Ordinary Midnight Summer campaign will illuminate the center of Amsterdam with special effects from 27.3. This light phenomenon will be shared also in a fresh way on social media to kick-start discussion about the midnight sun in Lapland and Northern Finland.” says Talvensaari.

Reindeer in Lapland

Face the wilderness
Moreover the unforgettable nature and cleanest air in Europe Finnish Lapland gives visitors a real touch of wildlife animals. Wildlife tourism gives people a chance to get closer to wild animals in their natural habitat while respecting the principles of sustainable tourism. There are species that visitors are more likely to encounter in Finland than anywhere else in the world. It is possible to see reindeer, eagles, lynx, bears and unusual birds in the woods. To bird-watcher Finland is perhaps the best place to see the Great Grey Owl. The world’s most northernmost zoo is located in Ranua. So if travellers are unlucky in the woods, Ranua Arctic Zoo is worth visiting.

Cultural activity in Lapland
Finnish Lapland has also many cultural events throughout the summer, such as the Midnight Sun Film Festival in Sodankylä and the Jutajaiset Folkflore Festival in Rovaniemi. Visitors can find their own way to relax and enjoy the diversified supply.

Important part is also the Finnish food culture, that has been influenced by Eastern and Western style flavours. Finns value traditional, fresh and healthy food.  Finnish food is often compared with our nature. It is as clean, genuine and uncomplicated as our northern environment. The ingredients and raw materials are produced in the cleanest soil and environment in Europe. Visitors will find Finnish food for every taste and every budget, from a gourmet establishment to a family restaurant to trout cooked over a campfire. Dare to taste it!

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