Saturday, October 19, 2013

Ruka Slopes opened first

Ruka was the first ski resort to open the ski season in Finland on Saturday 19 October 2013 at 10 am
Thanks to the autumn's first continuous frost period and Ruka´s high-tech snowmaking machinery the ski season can be started already in October. The first slope to open has traditionally been the Saarua slope, where the automatic snow guns have been working on non-stop during the last week.

If weather forecasts hold true, most of the slopes in Ruka will be opened next week. Vuosseli, Kuru and Eturinne slopes have already partly been snowed.
-    This season the skiing season in Ruka will encompass more than 200 days, emphasizes Rukakeskus local leader Matti Parviainen.

Snowmaking progress can be monitored in real-time:

Snowmaking for snow parks in the Olympic year
Ruka has invested many years on top-level snow parks. Ruka Super Pipe, Battery Park and Battery Run will be snowed earlier than usual, because of the Olympic Games.
-    We get a lot of domestic and foreign training teams, especially in the initial season. Due to the Sochi Olympic Games the demand for World Cup -level performance venues has been really high. We are already working on those areas on a full time basis to get them ready as soon as possible. Superpipe, Battery Park and Battery Run will be covered with snow in the coming few weeks, predicts Parviainen.

World Cup races on skis and snowboards
FIS Snowboard World Cup Halfpipe 12-13 December 2013 as well as the FIS Freestyle Ski World Cup Opening 13-14 December 2013 play an important part when it comes to the Olympic Games since those cups are the place to collect important FIS World Cup points.
-    Most of the competition teams arrive in Ruka well in advance in order to have enough time to practice for the cups as well as the future Olympics, says Parviainen.

Skiing holidays
The school holidays will take place during week 43 in Northern Finland. For several years the holiday makers have been given the opportunity to ski during that period.
-    During each year Ruka welcomes many families for an active skiing holiday. This year we can offer this opportunity as well, says Parviainen with a smiling face glimpsing over to his own ski boots in the corner of his office.

The official opening of the winter season in Ruka will be celebrated 8-10 November 2013.

Also the first cross country ski track in Ruka-Kuusamo area was opened on Friday 18 October 2013 in Kuusamo Petäjäkangas area. 2 km track is available for all skiers. Ski styles: Nordic and skating. More information:

First skiers and riders in Ruka Saarua Slopes on 19 October 2013 at 10 am 
Snow making situation on Ruka Frontside Slopes 19 October 2013
Kuru Slope was opened on Saturday 19 October 2013, too!
Snow making is progressing well on Vuosseli Slopes, too!
More information about Ruka slopes and cross country skiing: 
Ruka slopes
Ruka-Kuusamo ski tracks
Ruka-Kuusamo First Snow Track


  1. Check those pictures types. November? Do you have a timemachine?

  2. Cheers, month now changed to October, no time machine ;-) I had presented the date in a "Finnish" style first and then changed it at the last minute, so the month went wrong.