Thursday, December 26, 2013

Day Spa Ruka Green Pavilion is now open!

The day spa and art salon Ruka Green Pavilion – managed by Sanna Juga – opened its doors to visitors on 21 December. “It’s easy to come to the day spa either by skiing, driving a car or a snowmobile, or by simply walking on foot.  The day spa can be reached directly from the ground level, and visibility has a great deal of importance”, says the entrepreneur operating in the atmosphere of thematic interior of green art windows, not far from pedestrian tunnel of Ruka.   

Harmony of nature and pleasure for the eye
Ruka Green Pavilion is brought to Ruka ski resort directly from wild nature. In summer time Sanna Juga can offer treatments in the open air which again has established the idea and spirit of the day spa. “I want to bring summer and peculiarities of nature into the inside of the room. And everybody must himself/herself experience the individual way it happens. Nature and art has beauty in unity, which promotes wellbeing and is also pleasure for the eye. Natural landscape is a masterpiece and nature is often depicted in artistic works”, Sanna sums up. Ruka Green Pavilion offers massage, make-up, pampering, and also locally spirited Lapland natural stone and berry based treatments, to mention a few.   

Home visits and individually fitted service
“Inspite of opening the day spa, my "earlier brand marks" home visits and individually fitted service providing will carry on. Networking and collaboration means that additional resources of wellbeing professionals are available when needed. I am always looking forward to be contacted by professional massagers and spa treatment specialists who are interested in providing individually fitted services from time to time”, Sanna says and also assures: “this kind of work is never boring because scenery changes and you always meet captivating people”. “And sometimes you get pretty good tip, too”, the entrepreneur gives a wink.   

Ruka Green Pavilion
Wellbeing in the nature available during summer!

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